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Together we'll successfully implement your invitations to tender

Successfully initiating and designing invitations to tender – our experts will gladly do this for you or provide you with selective support. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank (Österreich) AG has many years of experience in providing comprehensive support to investors.

This includes determination of the required or desired investment structure, strict definition of investment objectives, identification of important risk parameters, and the selection process for managers. Together with you, we ensure successful implementation of the complete tendering procedure. Our demand-oriented support includes the written invitation to tender as well as the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the managers. 

As needed, we are also happy to moderate or assess their personal presentation of investment proposals. Possible advantages and disadvantages of the management model to be employed can be identified more easily as part of the advisory process. If desired, we then also engage in professional coordination with the managers involved, advocating on your behalf. 

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We also see ourselves in the role of a global asset allocator, responsible for the definition and control of asset allocation through dynamic reallocation among individual investment classes (overlay management). On request, we can also perform the selective tasks of a segment manager for any of the investment classes used.