LLB Mobile Banking

With our Mobile Banking app, you are always up to date. Thanks to a quick login, individually adjustable push messages and a flexible quick links menu, you always have your assets and all account movements in view.

Our Mobile Banking offers you fast access to your asset overview – with your choice of Touch ID, Face ID, or password. A clean and clear overview of your assets appears as soon as you log in.

With just one swipe, you can access an overview of your most recent account transactions. Thanks to customised push notifications, you get real-time information about your account activities, such as deposits and withdrawals, market transactions, limits, and much more. Push notifications can be set up simply and conveniently in the Push Center.

At any time, a single tap on the quick links button at the bottom right corner of the screen takes you directly to the services you use the most. This menu can be customised as you see fit. This lets you navigate even more quickly through your Mobile Banking.

Clearly arranged

The Mobile Banking dashboard gives you a quick overview of your assets, transactions and bank news directly after logging in. In-depth information on individual items can be accessed directly in the dashboard.

  • Quick overview of all relevant information
  • Easy navigation to additional information


The Mobile Banking provides you with detailed information and overviews of all your assets. You can access analyses of your custody accounts and thus have the information relevant to you at your fingertips at all times.

  • Detailed information on all accounts
  • Detailed information on all custody accounts and the securities they contain
  • Up-to-date analyses of your custody accounts (performance and portfolio monitoring)


With the Mobile Banking app, you can make payments, process standing orders, place trading orders on the stock exchange and open accounts and securities accounts independently at any time.

  • Scan payments or enter them manually
  • Enter and process standing orders
  • Place and process stock exchange orders
  • Open accounts and securities accounts yourself immediately

Up to date

If you wish, we can actively inform you about payments, credits, securities transactions and much more. In addition, you can communicate securely with your bank via the app.

  • Push messages about payments, credits, stock exchange transactions
  • Secure communication with your client advisor or ban

Overview of our LLB Mobile Banking

Functions and advantages


Requirements and installation

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