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    Open-end real estate fund: your investment is at home here

Open for targeted real estate investment

With a focus on the Austrian and German real estate markets: the main emphasis of LLB Semper Real Estate is on commercial properties.

The open-end real estate fund LLB Semper Real Estate Kurz was launched by LLB Immo KAG already in 2004, in compliance with the requirements of the Austrian Real Estate Investment Funds Act. The multiple award-winning fund also complies with the requirements of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act. 

The mutual fund focuses in equal parts on the stable real estate markets of Austria and Germany. The active fund management invests primarily in high-yield commercial real estate segments. These include offices, retail, hotels, and logistics in good locations with long-term leases and renowned tenants. 

Active fund management ensures continuous optimisation of the portfolio. The aim is to achieve steady returns with low volatility. As an open-end real estate fund, the LLB Semper Real Estate enables indirect participation in real estate securities even starting at small amounts. Investors can also benefit directly from the distributions.

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