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    In-house investments can be successful as well

Our own funds, well-received everywhere

With our own-managed funds you can benefit from our many years of experience in a wide range of asset classes and, on an individual basis, even from external expertise.

LLB Invest KAG offers own-managed mutual funds in segments where the management team has core competencies. These include the asset allocation expertise of the LLB Group, which we offer as part of our asset managing strategy funds.

In the equities segment, we focus our stock selection resources on the most important core markets, which are reflected in our global equities funds, as well as our home market of Austria. We have special expertise in the management of sustainable ESG equity mandates, and we have outstanding know-how in real estate equities. In bonds, our strengths are in emerging market securities and in interest rate risk management for Euro government bonds. Should we believe that a different financial institution specialised in a certain area can offer expertise that complements our own, tasks are delegated after extensive due diligence, or we solicit advise from those experts.