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    Sustainable investments. Built on experience.

The LLB (Österreich) AG – ready for any challenge

As a dynamic and trustworthy partner, we are at your side with all our experience. Our 160-year history is built on solid values in all areas of finance.

Our comprehensive services are guided by your individual needs, and we develop innovative solutions for you. With our outstanding expertise, we are your strong financial partner who can react flexibly and dynamically to changing conditions and market developments.

Since 1861, we have been combining traditional values with innovative and dynamic banking. We bring together sustainable financial services with a visionary and modern approach, guaranteeing both professionalism and comprehensibility.

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    Equipped for every challenge. With visionary banking, progress is always in sight.

    If you have big plans, you need the best possible security.

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    Innovative banking, equal to the challenges and opportunities of the times.

    Inspiring since 1861.

  • Kindervelo
    With 160 years of investment expertise in the LLB Group.

    Sustainable investments. Built on experience.

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Trust and expertise

As your trusted advisors, we provide you with forward-looking advice across generations. Our top experts can draw on many years of experience and market expertise, which enables them to keep a close eye on your investments at all times. Your specific needs and requirements are the yardstick for the extensive range of services we offer and the innovative solutions we develop, taking into account opportunities and risks associated with securities.

Our outstanding expertise makes us a strong financial partner able to respond promptly, flexibly and dynamically to changing conditions and market developments.

Our successful blend of traditional values and innovative, dynamic banking dates back as far as 1861. We combine sustainable financial services with a visionary, cutting-edge approach, while at the same time guaranteeing professionalism and speaking your language.

Rich in experience, yet with a forward-thinking approach – this is what we aspire to in our efforts to bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Sustainable investments. Built on experience.

Dynamic, sound, multiple award-winning. Benefit from our expertise in sustainable investments and from our in-house asset management services. We offer tailor-made sustainable solutions for private and institutional investors.

To dream big, you need backup.

To aim high, you need a reliable partner at your side. We help you translate your ideas into practice. Benefit from excellent private banking, outstanding proficiency in institutional investment and award-winning investment expertise. Partner up with Austria’s leading asset management bank in exploring new paths to success.

Providing inspiration since 1861.

Drawing on long-standing experience, we are perfectly attuned to what our clients need. Leading the field in asset management banking in Austria, we are well placed to address these needs. We are highly flexible when it comes to finding innovative solutions that are absolutely tailored to your requirements. Groundbreaking ideas need a solid base to thrive.