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For your investment: the entire world of real estate

Depending on their preferred investment region, investors can use real estate equity funds to participate indirectly in the growth opportunities of global or European real estate markets.

The real estate equity fund LLB Equities Real Estate Europe is a mutual fund under §2 of the Austrian Investment Funds Act (InvFG). The fund invests in liquid European listed REITs (real estate investment trusts) and other real estate equities. The investment focus of the fund management is on real estate sectors such as office, retail, residential, logistics, and healthcare. The careful selection of individual securities is based on fundamental and technical criteria, taking into account the direct real estate market.

LLB Equities Real Estate Global (CHF) invests in an internationally diversified portfolio of real estate companies. The investment focus is mostly on the US market, where the fund management pays attention to broad coverage of the overall market. In general, the fund is benchmarked by the MSCI All Countries World Real Estate Index. The individual securities are selected on the basis of a quantitative and fundamental analysis of companies involved in the planning or construction, ownership, management, or sale of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. This also includes closed REITs. Dividends and income are accumulated. The fund focuses on long-term asset growth. It is aimed at investors who want to consciously reduce risks while investing in global real estate.