Activate additional device for LLB Portfolio Analysis

You can activate an additional device only if you already have an activated device in your possession and a valid activation letter. If you no longer have an activated device, please contact your personal client advisor by telephone.

Step 1

Log in at 'E-Banking' > 'Log in' with your username and password.


Step 2

After logging in successfully, click on your name at the top right and then on 'My apps'. You can see all your registered PhotoTAN devices at a glance.

Zusätzliches Gerät

Step 3

Click 'Activate additional device'.

Step 4

Now, on the smartphone or tablet that you want to activate additionally or reactivate, download the free LLB Österreich PhotoTAN app only from the official Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Use the search term 'LLB Österreich' to locate the app in the store. In the LLB Österreich PhotoTAN app, tap on 'Scan activation mosaic' and scan the mosaic in your activation letter. Then follow the instructions. (Further assistance is provided in the 'Activate primary device' instructions.)