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    Because the sum of many advantages speaks for investment funds

Get more out of secure, fund-based asset management

Asset management with funds offers attractive advantages with respect to reporting and risk management.

In addition to asset management at the custody account level, LLB Österreich also offers asset management in individual funds. Investment funds in general offer numerous attractive advantages for investors. Strict and uniform legal regulations for investment funds throughout the EU ensure a high level of security and transparency with regard to reporting on transactions, costs, and earnings development.

Moreover, the securities in the fund constitute special assets eligible for segregation, providing investors with additional protection even in the event of a default of the custodian bank or investment company. Funds are an optimal basis for comprehensive risk management, since in addition to standard risk controls and the monitoring of the specific investment guidelines and fund rules, comprehensive risk management must also be ensured for funds under the Investment Funds Act and other applicable legal norms.

Compared with investments in individual securities at the custody account level, asset management in fund wrappers also offers several tax advantages for investors. Funds are not subject to the value added tax on management and custody fees. Moreover, all expenses incurred by the fund administration can be offset against earnings. Finally, losses can be carried forward to subsequent periods only for funds, subject to the legally permissible annual loss compensation.

LLB Österreich offers you the best possible expertise for setting up an individual special fund designed according to your specifications. We also offer a broad range of mutual funds we manage ourselves – taking account of a our clients' many different risk/return profiles.