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Professional portfolio reporting requires up-to-date and reliable data. Our client information system (TIPAS) provides online data, updated daily, on all posted values and offers individual evaluations.

Sometimes the interesting information about your asset structure is hidden in the details. But with the right partner at your side, this data can also be used without administrative effort on your part. Our TIPAS client portal, tailored specifically to investor needs, offers all the technical requirements for secure online access. The user-friendly preparation of the data enables you to quickly see the evaluations that you need on a daily basis. 

With this client information system, the Liechtensteinische Landesbank (Österreich) AG makes it possible to call up information updated daily on all values posted to bank accounts and securities accounts. In addition, this data is presented clearly and can be used conveniently for individual evaluations of account movements, performance figures, and meaningful benchmarks.