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As the leading asset management bank in Austria, we stand for a wide variety of jobs and broad subject areas. As an employer, we rely on a humanistic corporate culture that is distinguished by partnership and cooperation. Find out what this is all about!

What our employees are saying

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Values for generations

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A focus on the client

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Teamwork – every day

We focus on our employees. We owe our excellent reputation on the market to them and their performance. And we don't stop – our goal is to make our performance even better. And we pursue this goal through innovative personnel development and the promotion of a culture distinguished by collegiality and a sense of belonging.

For this reason, every employee can expect excellent and visionary solutions for personal and professional development as well as respectful interaction across all levels of the hierarchy.

Our value-oriented corporate culture shapes our interaction and cooperation with our clients, partners, and investors. And it describes banking as it should be: personable and competent. We are happy to support all of this with further incentives of a monetary and non-monetary nature.

Our vision: We set standards for banking with values.

Our vision of banking is based on the idea of managing material values with a clearly defined value system in an excellent way. We focus on our core mission, which is reflected in our reliable services for payment transactions, lending, asset management, and investment advice. But we also rely on a binding system of values that is visionary and that we put into practice on a daily basis.

Our guiding principles, our values

The guiding principles of the LLB Group define our values and thus our corporate culture. They are the driving force that guide our behaviour. We are distinguished by:

  • integrity – we create clarity and stand by our word
  • respect - we believe in partnership and hold both clients and colleagues in high esteem
  • excellence - we set standards through performance and passion
  • visionary spirit - we play an active role in creating a sustainable future.

These values are our compass and a key factor for our success. Those who share these values and take them seriously are invited to strengthen our team.

Come to the LLB – There are many other aspects that speak for us

From an Alpine land to desert sand

Credible banking needs clear values

It starts with a "why?“

Behind every excellent service are the people who offer it. This is also true of the LLB Group. It's why we take effective measures to promote the motivation and performance of our employees – because committed and motivated employees do not come out of nowhere. They stand out: above all to our clients.